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Censorship Is Now The Real Enemy Of The World - And it has little to do with China...

Dear Friends of Freedom...

By now, most of you realize that mainstream media is owned by only six companies that continue to consolidate their monopoly and the end result is that the masses of the world are spoon-fed the most "convenient" spin of the world's news.  From the missing Malaysian MH370 flight to WTC7 building, to even election results, we seldom get the truth any longer. This is why independent interent news sites and local news blogging has mushroomed from 571 sites in 1995 to over 200,000 today. But now, these sites pose a threat to those in power or the wealthy elite with agendas about to be exposed, and censorship of the internet is spreading like a cancer. In fact, one-third of what is posted online is censored today, and you can prove it yourself...

Just try putting up a web site that reports government corruption or criminal acts of government judges, agents, or cabinet members. Watch what happens. You may get a visit from the IRS inquiring about your unreported income, or perhaps a safety inspector shows up at your business, or your comments get edited - or outright deleted.  Living and working in China for six years I learned a lot about internet censorship. Indeed, China's great firewall blocks access to over 1,000 websites. But guess what... our own American government will actually delete even more sites as Google's 2012 transparency report confirmed over the last three years.  See:

The war is on to control what you see online. This is why the SOPA and CISPA legislation was truly drafted. How and what you think, and how you vote is mostly determined by the news you "believe" to be true. Just look at how the media played along with the Bush administration in their many lies and deceptions that led us all to condone the illegal invasion of Iraq and the slaughter of over 600,000 people, most of them civilians.  We allowed our government to wreak massive destruction of a nation that will not recover for another 50 years so companies like Haliburton and Bush cronies could earn over $50 billion and steal the Iraqi oil reserves.  This was only made possible through deceptive information manipulation. Over 8,000 innocent children were murdered or maimed as a result. All these people died for lies - because the truth was censored out by our own damn government!

Recently it was confirmed that our government maintains and pays hundreds of "journalists" on the staff of respected newspapers around the globe to keep the news "Pro American"  and to hide all the embarrassing pimples covering the face of Washington.  See
and Just like all the many online scams, Uncle Sam relies on paid "shills", fake testimonials and reviews - that are all bought and paid for. To those running the show in America, the image we see (and too often believe) is far more critical and important than the reality. The case of 911 fiasco was the ultimate news fraud the world has ever seen, and responsible for launching the new American crusade against self-created "terrorists". Without fabricating ever-present threats and "enemies of America", to distract the tax-paying public, we might actually start paying attention to the missing $2.3 Trillion of our tax money, or to American war crimes, or election frauds. That would not be very convenient for our leaders, now would it?

This is why internet censorship has become their new clandestine priority now that the NSA was partially exposed (Thank you Edward Snowden). But Snowden did not tell us the whole story. I will, as I personally learned the hard way. More on that below in few minutes.

The cases of Wikileaks and Bradley Manning epitomize what happens when the "wrong" news is allowed to reach the public. The truth-tellers are severely demonized and smeared to even transform legitimate witnesses into criminals. The days of investigative reporting are almost gone forever and now relegated to second and third tier publications like Rolling Stone magazine and "crazy conspiracy web sites" like which are not shy at making allegations that are usually long overdue - and well documented.  Investigative reporters are now an endangered species.

Look at the once-credible news sources of the "wrong news". You will find a pattern of muck-raking and criminalization of anyone who dares to point a finger and tell the truth.  Ted Gunderson, Gene "Chip" Tatum, Rodney Stich, Mike Rupert, and myself have privately and publicly tried to expose the largest drug smuggling operation in the world - funded and directed by U.S. government agencies, and instead of prosecuting the smugglers, the whistle-blowers are targeted and the media is told what to report about any "crazy allegations" made. Like Tatum, I was discredited with fake criminal charges as a U.S. Treasury agent. 

I personally met an employee of former NY mayor Guilliani, (when we both shared a Brooklyn federal jail cell) who beyond any sliver of a doubt, can prove the mayor knew of the 911 "attack" more than two weeks previous, yet no reporter is allowed to interview the man who is jailed on fake criminal charges, just in case he made some independent claims online somewhere. Now sitting in a federal prison for 10 years with a false conviction, he won't be posting anything any time soon. He swore he was instructed by Guilliani two weeks in advance to arrange for the collection and removal of over 100,000 tons of steel from Manhattan to India for recycling "on or about September 15th of 2001."  This is newsworthy don't you think?  Yet nobody even tried to interview this Indian fellow or his girl-friend who was also picked up and jailed on fake charges.

The censorship machine is large, well-organized, and very efficient. Their black ops teams track and stifle people everywhere they can. If they cannot stop the story from breaking they will ensure the sources are smeared or killed as in the case of reporter Michael Hastings. But not all censorship is big news. Even at small expat forums in China and elsewhere censorship is unleashed to mold and redirect opinions as I recently discovered my own identity was fabricated and impersonated and then my impersonated user name made false statements to smear and discredit me. When moderators are told or paid to censor on forums they usually comply or resign. Either way, the posts are censored, edited, or deleted. At an operation owned and operated by an American, I can prove over 500 posts related to scams, drones, banksters, corruption, and American war crimes were deleted over the last 5 years if anyone cares to challenge me on this assertion? (I saved many screen shots of what has been deleted)

How to stop the bastards from raping and censoring the internet?  Not easy - but possible. There are five things you can do:

1. Stay informed.  Visit the and web sites once a month and read - don't just glance. What you learn in each visit is more than what average citizens learn in a lifetime about government censorship.

2. Get active - a little or a lot. Become a volunteer or at the very least, share links within your circle of friends.  If you are passionate about  what you learn, start blogging and write "letters to the editor"

3. Ignore main stream media, and find the most local, trustworthy, and unbiased news source possible since what CNN and mainstream media reports will never be more than 75% accurate nor unbiased.

4. Help Julian Assange, Bradley Manning, Edward Snowden, obtain their freedom or asylum. They did the right thing and are being persecuted for doing so. Help with donations to their legal team and blog about them wherever possible. They are true American heroes.  Without them you would never even hear about American war crimes or stories like this one here

5. If you know of government crimes, corruption, or atrocities, put in online in as many places as possible or send it to Wikileaks or Jim Stone to spread the word.

Remember this, we cannot be economically enslaved to the elite if we force the truth to the surface for all to see.  We have all been snookered and used for our votes and tax money. You want to change the status quo?  A vote for Rand Paul would be a good start IMO. He just saved us from the NSA (at least temporarily) IMHO, every incumbent in Congress should be voted out if they voted for the Patriot Act or took contributions from Big Oil. Drastic problems require drastic solutions. The internet must remain free, unbridled, and uncensored. Protect it as you would your infant child.

No matter what passport you hold, no matter what God you pray to, and no matter what color your skin may be, we all face the same dragon that must be slain... Censorship.  Unite brothers and sisters of the world and together we can ensure that truth prevails.

P.S. My apologies, I had promised to share some undisclosed information related to Edward Snowden's revelations, but this post ran kind of long. My next post will tell you about what I personally learned about NSA capabilities that Ed failed to mention. You can read it here at


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